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Alzheimer's at a Glance 

5.7million Americans currently struggle with Alzheimer’s, with wandering being identified as the most dangerous and stressful challenge faced by care providers. By 2050 that number is set to increase to 14 million. 


65% Female

35% Male

1 in 10 people over 65 suffers from Alzheimer's in America

The disease disproportionately impacts women   

Alzheimer's at a Glance

The estimated cost of caring for Americans with Alzheimer's and other dementias was $277 billion in 2018. 


  • $186 billion the cost to Medicare and Medicaid

  • $60 billion out-of-pocket costs




The most expensive diseases to provide care for, family members and spouses provide the bulk of care for most patients. Incidents of wandering increase as the disease progresses, forcing many families to make difficult emotional and financial choices to ensure the safety of their loved one


Piece of Mind


Can I go to the store? Can Dad go to my daughter's wedding? Can I risk taking us to my doctor appointment? Piece of Mind (PoM) is designed to ease the difficulties of caregivers struggling with Alzheimer's patients who wander. Designed with emergency response teams, caregivers and assisted living facilities PoM provides an affordable solution to early and middle stage Alzheimers wandering. Allowing caregivers the ability to go about  


Utilizing the connectivity of Apple technology, a caregiver can use our mobile app to monitor the movements of an Alzheimer's patient wearing an iWatch.On a mobile device, the caregiver sets a Geo-radius creating an invisible fence. If an  Alzheimer's patient wanders beyond the boundaries of the invisible fence set by the caregiver, immediately a notification is sent with a real-time map allowing the caregiver to find their wanderer.








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Visiting the Grandkids, 

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to Features


Apple Watch and Mobile

Going where ever you go, PoM is currently compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch wearable technology. 18hours of battery life, waterproof and apple support. 

Triple Geo-Fence

Cloudy days and being inside shouldn't compromise finding your family. Utlitilizng cellular data, Bluetooth and GPS, PoM combines the strengths of all three technologies.

Real-Time Location

Once a Geo-fence is created, monitor in real time the movements of your loved one. Making it easy for you to locate them and identify dangerous areas. 

Your Choice of Alert

PoM immediately alerts you when your loved one has broken the Geo-Fence. We allow caregivers to choose between email, text message, and push notification. Allowing you the freedom to choose what is best for you family. 

Multiple Contacts

It takes a village! Set up multiple contacts to receive alerts

Custom Messaging

Send a custom message to calm down your loved one when they have broken the Geo-fence. This feature was designed to reduce the confusion many Alzheimer's patients experience when lost.

Police Reminders 

Working with emergency response units we developed this feature from real-world scenarios. When searching for a relative that has wandered many people lose track of how much time has passed. This feature reminds the caregiver to call the police at 5 minutes intervals.

Assisted Living Platform

We have designed a platform for assisted living homes who have to provide safety and care for multiple patients. 

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This is your chance to have us custom build an App for your family and needs. The downside is giving feedback to a bunch of Yale nerds who want to make your life easier.  We are looking for 50 participants willing to work with us to make Piece of Mind perfect.

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